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[Quick Notes] Various network scan types

A pentester performs several types of network scans during a test. These are usually sequential in nature, that is, we proceed with each scan, …


Hack Safaribooks video downloads

Hacking Safaribooks and downloading videos offline

I have a safaribooks account. A few hours back, I was going through a video series on safari & I thought I should download it for offline reference. Makes it easier to study.


[Quick notes] Metasploit payload types

To start with, a vulnerability is a weakness in the target system which creates a security risk – that it can be exploited.
An exploit is a way, …


Analyzing Malware – begin

In the upcoming posts, I will be presenting a step by step process to analyze a piece of malware. I will be analyzing Slackbot. It is an old bot but nevertheless, customizable and useful in learning the malware analysis process.