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Client-side exploitation using Metasploit Pro v4

This write-up shows how you can get up & running with client-side / phishing assessment using Metasploit Pro 4.0.

Let’s start by creating a new project. …


MediaCoder v0.7.5.4796 Local Buffer Overflow [ SEH ]

Recently I came across EDB http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/15630 – MediaCoder v0.7.5.4792 SEH overflow exploit.

So, decided to verify the current release as well.


UPlus FTP Server v1. remote buffer overflow exploit published

Hi All,

Posted another remote code execution exploit on Exploit-db an hour back. It is published now 🙂



import socket,sys,base64

print “””




    UPlusFTP Server v1.7.1.01 [ HTTP ] Remote BoF Exploit PoC

    Discovered by : Karn Ganeshen                          …


2 Remote Buffer Overflow Code Execution Exploits Published

Hey folks,

As of late, I am reading up on buffer overflows. This is one topic I had been escaping for quite a time. …