June 2009

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03 Jun 2009

Botnets – The Silent Threat

I had been planning for delivering a training. And I had to decide on a subject. So, here it is - Botnets.

Topics I will cover here:

+ What is a Botnet
+ Top Botnets
+ Why Botnet?
+ Elements
+ Features
+ Protocols used
+ Categories
+ Applications of an Attack
+ Elements of an Attack
+ Stages of an Attack
+ Detecting a Bot
+ Defending against Botnets

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03 Jun 2009

CISSP: My Study Plan

I sat for the CISSP exam on May 16, 2009. The exam was not easy, but I was prepared. And had the positive energy to complete it successfully. It was a long exam - 6 hours. Equally mentally exhaustive as much as physically demanding. Add to that the constant slight buzzing sound (read noise!!) of something in the hall. All these in place, I took the whole 6 hours & completed & checked, rechecked the question paper & checked, rechecked the bubbles in the answer sheet. Someone must be wondering why would I check & recheck the question paper. Please read on to know why.

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