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08 Dec 2010

MediaCoder v0.7.5.4796 Local Buffer Overflow [ SEH ]

Recently I came across EDB http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/15630 - MediaCoder v0.7.5.4792 SEH overflow exploit.

So, decided to verify the current release as well. There is a buffer overflow in this version which can allow an attacker to gain complete control of the system running this application.

Here is the exploit I wrote, for educational purposes only of course. :-)

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19 Jul 2010

2 Remote Buffer Overflow Code Execution Exploits Published

Hey folks,
As of late, I am reading up on buffer overflows. This is one topic I had been escaping for quite a time. All those hexes x* , CPU Registers [ eip, esp, ecx, ebx eax ], exploit jargon like sled, nops, jmp et all just didn't made any sense. Until few weeks back when I decided to take it head on / [ me beats his chest and roars! ] :D

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20 Jun 2010

To CISSP Aspirants!

Hi folks, In June 2009, I cleared ISC2 CISSP exam and posted my CISSP study plan. Since then, I have continuously been receiving comments and requests both on my blog post and offline at my email to share resources which I used to my preparation. Read on

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