September 2016

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10 Sep 2016

Powersploit – AV Evasion

[Quick Notes] Powersploit - AV Evasion On my pentest engagements, I primarily use Powershell (PS) & PS based exploitation tools & frameworks like CME, Empire, Powersploit, Nishang, Veil, etc, along with Metasploit & other tools. This short writeup is one of the AV evasion scenarios. Posting here for reference.

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05 Sep 2016

[ICS] Multiple vulnerabilities – Powerlogic/Schneider Electric IONXXXX series Smart Meters

Reported multiple security issues in Powerlogic/Schneider Electric IONXXXX series power meters.

Affected Devices
The following IONXXXX series power meter versions are affected:

  • ION73XX series, ION75XX series, ION76XX series, ION8650 series, ION8800 series, and PM5XXX series.

ICS-CERT Advisory


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