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[ICS] Digital Canal Structural Wind Analysis Stack Buffer Overflow

ICS-CERT published an advisory on one of my reports this week –

Vendor: Digital Canal Structural
Equipment: Wind Analysis
Vulnerability: Stack-Based Buffer Overflow

The following versions of Wind Analysis, a structural engineering software platform, are affected:
Wind Analysis versions 9.1 and prior.

Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could cause the device that the attacker is accessing to become unavailable, resulting in a denial of service.

Read on for details.

security advisory

Rapid7 AppSpider vulnerabilities

Recently, I checked out Rapid7’s AppSpider Web Application Testing software. It is a Windows based application, and the demo version is available for anyone to play with.

I found 2 vulnerabilities in AppSpider – DLL Pre-loading & Buffer overflow – which I then reported privately to R7 team. The folks at Rapid7 confirmed my reports and released the CVE-ID# & fixed versions shortly after.

Here’s the writeup from Rapid7 Release Announcement:

* Updated nginx.exe to utilize Microsoft Security Advisory on remote code execution. Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008: KB2533623 must be installed on the target platform. Resolves -CVE-2017-5236
* Resolved buffer over flow crash in the AppSpider command line tool for inputs. Resolves -CVE-2017-5240

Read on for more details.

security advisory

Halliburton LogView Pro 9.7.5 – (.cgm/.tif/.tiff/.tifh) Crash PoC

Halliburton LogView Pro 9.7.5 – (.cgm/.tif/.tiff/.tifh) Denial of Service Crash exploit