28 Jun 2017

[ICS] Satel Iberia SenNet Data Logger and Electricity Meters Command Injection – Metasploit Exploit Module

Metasploit Exploit Module published - Satel Iberia SenNet Data Logger and Electricity Meters Command Injection This module exploits an OS Command Injection vulnerability in Satel Iberia SenNet Data Loggers & Electricity Meters to perform arbitrary command execution as 'root'. Exploit URL: Read on for demo.

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29 Mar 2017

3 New Metasploit Modules for Cambium ePMP Landed

Back in 2015, I had reported multiple vulnerabilities in Cambium ePMP 1000 appliances. I finally submitted Metasploit modules for testing ePMP devices and three (3) new Metasploit modules for Cambium ePMP devices have now landed:

  1. Cambium ePMP 1000 Login Scanner
  2. Cambium ePMP 1000 Password Hash Extractor
  3. Cambium ePMP 1000 Dump Device Config

Read on for details.

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24 Dec 2012

[Metasploit Pro] Client-Side Campaigns

Playing around with Metasploit Pro after the latest update, I noticed there has been a complete makeover in how Campaigns are set up. Campaigns are used in / for the Client-side testing (read: social engineering, phishing emails, phishing forms, web server serving exploits, file format exploits, etc.).

So I thought of sharing the new configuration steps with you ninjas. Let's begin.

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25 Dec 2011

[Quick notes] Metasploit payload types

To start with, a vulnerability is a weakness in the target system which creates a security risk - that it can be exploited.
An exploit is a way, a piece of code that can trigger & take advantage of a vulnerability.
A payload is the actual component in the attack which 'do' things for an attacker.
Therefore, a payload must have at least 2 components in it:

1. Communications capability - set up communication channel for the attacker
2. Functionality - defines what all actions an attacker can perform
Metasploit provides 2 types of payloads:

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